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Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! (Offer)

Astasoftlab Administrator

Feb 5, 2023

Bargain! Bargain! Bargain!
Offer Period [6 February - 6 March 2023]

Adventuring gear might not seem as powerful as a good weapon, but these items are particularly useful in any campaign! Astasoftlab has prepared a "Bargain! Bargain! Bargain!" for everyone!

Event Mechanism:

1. These kits are designed for improvement hunting experience in Lineage 2 Essence. They contain good-quality equipment, which will allow you forget any trouble in battles with monsters in the early stages of the game.

2. These kits will appear in the L-coin shop on February 6, at 10:00 UTC +8. Please note that due to high load on delivery system, items may be delivered to the game with a delay.

3. This Bundle will appears in L-coin shop - Limited Offer

Growth Kit : L-coins


The kit contains 3000 L-Coins and Reward Box Lv. 60

» Reward Box Lv. 60

Double-click to obtain +2 Talisman of Aden, 500 L-Coins, Reward Box Lv. 65.

Required level: 60+.

» Reward Box Lv. 65

Double-click to obtain +2 Cloak of Protection, 500 L-Coins, Reward Box Lv. 70.

Required level: 65+.

» Reward Box Lv. 70

Double-click to obtain +2 Dragon Belt and 1000 L-Coins.

Required level: 70+.

Grace Kit : L-coins


The kit contains 5000 L-Coins and Cube of Daily Blessing. The restriction for purchase resets once per 30 days

» L-coins (5000 pcs)

Double-click to obtain 5000 L-Coins.

Cube of Daily Blessing

Double-click to obtain Sayha's Blessing (20 pcs.)

Terms and Conditions:

- Purchase Limit of Grace Kit and Growth Kit is 1 bundle per account

- Sayha's Grace kit and Growth Kit will be deleted from L-coin shop in March 6, 2023

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