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Maintenance May 29, 2023

Astasoftlab Administrator

May 28, 2023

Maintenance May 29, 2023

Tomorrow, from 08:00 to 10:00 UTC +8, the game servers will be unavailable

We kindly ask you to avoid shopping in the Astasoftlab store during this period

Events & Offers

- Registration of »Community Partner Program« continues;

- Registration of »Streamer Partner Program« continues;

- Registration of »Marketing Affiliator Program« continues;

- Registration of »Clan Migration Program« continues;

- Clan Event  »Goddard Castle Siege!« continues;

- The Event  »Unyielding Might« Started;

- The Event  »Klump Fortune Slot« Ended;


- Removed All Klump Fortune Slot items and mechanism

- Removed All Zodiac Agathion

- Removed All Sayha's Cloak

- Rework on Random Craft Point

- Added items on Game Assistant 

  • Stun Gauntlet

  • Cloak of Protection

  • Scroll: Enchant Cloak of Protection

  • Agathion Bracelet Lv.1

  • Scroll: Enchant Agathion

  • Agathion Spirit Joy

  • Agathion Spirit Ignis

  • Agathion Spirit Nebula

  • Agathion Spirit Procella

  • Agathion Spirit Petram

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