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Astasoftlab Administrator

Aug 16, 2023


If you are a streamer, or if you can make a high-quality videos in game, and have an audience, then this information about the Streamer Partner Program for Astasoftlab's Lineage II Essence SEA will be good for you!

General Requirement :

- Possesing an active Youtube Channel or a Facebook Gaming Channel

- Have a minimum of 10 followers or subscribers

- Streams Astasoftlab's game for 20 hours stream time/month (min. 60 minutes/stream)

- Taking screenshots at the end of each stream time for reports purpose

- Compliance with the rules of the game and the rules of the service (Youtube/Facebook)

- Use #RewriteHistory & #Astasoftlab also mention to Astasoftlab's social media (Facebook/Youtube) on each stream

- Respectful attitude to others in the game, on Astasoftlab's platform and channels of partner

- Be Professional over the job without using any 3rd party program (ie. bots, etc)

- Obliged to not remove any published content without Astasoftlab permission

- Astasoftlab entitled to use the video for Marketing purpose if necessary

- Astasoftlab entitled to over every work implementation activities and to advise or instruction to ensure purpose employment or campaign

Partner Program Grades and Benefits :

How To Become Partner :

1. Fill out the Google form 

2. We will review the application within 7 Day, Marketing Astasoftlab will contact you

3. Accepted application will be published on Astasoftlab's social media

Astasoftlab may change the partner program at any time, including suspending or canceling this program. We will inform you about all changes in the forum announcements. When changes are made, the new conditions come into force from the moment of publication, without prior notice. Participants of the partner program independently monitor and get acquainted with all changes in the program.

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