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Who Said That? (Forum)

Marketing Astasoftlab

Aug 14, 2023

Event Period [14 August 2023 - 21 August 2023]

Reveal the veiled personas as thou dost unravel enigmatic outlines and hearken to captivating conversations. Traverse our vast expanse, from bustling thoroughfares to distant nooks, to unearth these elusive beings

Astasoftlab has prepared a forum event "Who Said That?" for all valid participants

Event Mechanism:

1. No minimum level requirement for this events

2. Participants must post a reply on this event thread

3. Write the answer for each figure according to the clues given

4. There are 8 dialog clues from 8 mysterious figure

5. Each Thread represent One Forum account and also One Game Account

6. The reward of 8 correct answer are 3.000 L-Coins

7. Astasoftlab have the right to disqualify participants thread if found a breach of rules

8. All posted thread on this event are deemed as Astasoftlab property

9. Make sure your thread are readable and unique


1. "Music is my magic! I can put any sound into a tiny crystal"

2. "You can buy most of them for crystals, and for some goods you will need special ingredients"

3. "If you can't find it here you won't find it anywhere in Aden. So tell me, what do you need?"

4. "I know what you're thinking, and while my bones may be creaking from years of fighting, I still have plenty of fight left in me"

5. "Giran is the acclaimed trading hub, but quite a lot of goods come through Aden too"

6. "You see, my brother moved to Elmore hoping to start a trading business there....."

7. "Stone of memory doesn't disappear after use, you can use it as much as you like"

8. "Have you heard of Spirits?"

Terms and Conditions:

- Participant does not use 3rd party applications

- Have a good behavior either in game or in the forum

- Astasoftlab's decision is absolute and cannot be contested

- By participating you submit to all the Terms and conditions

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