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Word By Word (Forum)

Marketing Astasoftlab

Jul 16, 2023

Word By Word
Event Period [17 July 2023 - 24 July 2023]

Word By Word

Event Period [17 July 2023 - 24 July 2023]

Inscribe your destiny, letter by letter, with each uttered phrase, and shape your own narrative to forge a legacy in the grand tapestry of legends!

Astasoftlab has prepared a forum event "Word By Word" for all valid participants

Event Mechanism:

1. No minimum level requirement for this events

2. Participants post a Unique and Useful thread on "Player Guides and Tutorial" sub-forum

3. Thread topic are a guide for Enhancing Character

4. Screenshot of the character is a mandatory on each step of the guide

5. Each thread represent One Forum account for One Game Account

6. English is a mandatory language for this event

7. All Writing and Screenshot are original and not a product of plagiarism

Terms and Conditions:

- All Participants will get 4.000 L-coins

- Participant does not use 3rd party applications

- Have a good behavior either in game or in the forum

- Astasoftlab have the right to disqualify participants thread if found a breach of rules

- All posted thread on this event are deemed as Astasoftlab property

- Astasoftlab's decision is absolute and cannot be contested

- By participating you submit to all the Terms and conditions

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