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B-for you!! (Offer)

Marketing Astasoftlab

Feb 12, 2023

B-for you
Offer Period [13 February - 6 March 2023]

Valentine is coming! Share your love to your character or even your friends! By this period until 6th March 2023 Astasoftlab has prepared a "B-for you!!" for everyone!

Event Mechanism:

1. These event contain various item in Lineage 2 Essence. They contain good-quality equipment, which will allow you forget any trouble in battles with monsters in the early stages of the game.

2. These items will appear in the Game Assistant - Event on February 13, at 10:00 UTC +8. Please note that due to high load on delivery system, items may be delivered to the game with a delay.

3. B-grade Gears will appears in Game Assistant - Event for a Limited time until 6th March 2023

4. B-grade Gears are obtained using Giran Seal

B-Grade Weapon :

Bow of peril

Demon Dagger

Samurai Long Sword*Samurai Long Sword

Bellion Cestus

Wizard Tear

Art Of Battle Axe

Deadman's Glory

Damascus Sword



Star Buster

Staff of Evil Spirits

Guardian's Sword


B-Grade Robe Armors :

Avadon Robe

-2pcs: Poison/Bleed Resistance +60%

-3pcs: P.def+ 5.26%, Casting Speed +10%

-4pcs: Casting Speed+ 5%

Zubei Robe

-2pcs: MP recovery Rate+ 5.26%, Max MP +102

-3pcs: Paralyse Resistance+ 30%

-4pcs: M.atk+ 8%

-5pcs: M.atk+2%

Blue Wolf Robe

-2pcs: INT-2, MEN-1, WIT+3, MP recovery bonus+ 5.26%

-3pcs: INT+1, Max MP+ 206

-4pcs: INT+1, Stun Resistance+ 30%

-5pcs: MEN+1

Doom Robe

-2pcs: INT+2, MEN+1, WIT-3, MP recovery rate+ 5.26%

-3pcs: WIT+1, Speed+ 7

-4pcs: WIT+1, Sleep/hold Resistance+ 50%, M.skill critical damage +30

-5pcs: WIT+1

B-Grade Light Armors :

Avadon Light

-2pcs: Weight Limit+ 5759, P.Critical damage+30

-3pcs: Poison/Bleed Resistance+ 60%

-4pcs: M.def+ 5.25% and additional+ 44

Zubei Light

-2pcs: P.evasion+ 4

-3pcs: P.Critical Rate+10, Paralyse resistance+ 30%

-4pcs: DEX+1-5pcs: M.def+ 44

Blue Wolf Light

-2pcs: MEN+3, INT-2, MP recovery bonus+ 5.26%

-3pcs: INT+1, P.def+ 5.26%

-4pcs: INT+1, Stun Resistance+ 30%, Casting Speed+ 15%, M.def+ 44

Doom Light

-2pcs: DEX+1, MP recovery bonus+ 5.26%, P.atk+ 2.7%

-3pcs: DEX+1, Sleep/hold Resistance+ 50%

-4pcs: ,DEX+1, M.def +44

B-Grade Heavy Armors :

Avadon Heavy

-2pcs: Max.HP +294

-3pcs: P.def+ 5%, Poison/Bleed Resistance +60%

-4pcs: CON+1-5pcs: M.def+ 44

Zubei Heavy

-2pcs: HP recovery Rate+ 5.24%

-3pcs: Max.HP +294, Paralyse Resistance+ 30%

-4pcs: P.def+ 5.26%

-5pcs: M.def+ 44

Blue Wolf Heavy

-2pcs: STR+3, CON-1, DEX-2, HP recovery bonus+ 5.24%

-3pcs: DEX+1, Speed+ 7

-4pcs: CON+1, Stun Resistance+ 30%

-5pcs: DEX+1, M.def+ 44

Doom Heavy

-2pcs: STR-2, CON+3, Max HP+ 320

-3pcs: STR+1, Sleep/Hold Resistance+ 50%

-4pcs: STR+1, M.def+ 44

B-Grade Sigils :

Avadon Sigil

Zubei Sigil

Blue Wolf Sigil

Doom Sigil

Terms and Conditions:

- B-grade gears will be deleted from Game Assistant on March 6, 2023

- The deletion procedure is possible only after a maintenance (reboot) of the servers. If for any reason the reboot is delayed, the deletion is automatically postponed until the day of the actual reboot, even if a different date is specified in the item/effect description

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