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Community Partner Program Batch 2

Marketing Astasoftlab

Apr 1, 2023

(BATCH 2) BlackHole


- Possesing an active social media (Facebook,Instagram etc)

- Make and post a 1 minute invitation to play video for your community (clans/guilds etc)

- Use #RewriteHistory & #Astasoftlab also mention to Astasoftlab's social media (Facebook,Instagram etc)

- Forming a clan with a minimum 10 members (clan leader excluded)

- Each members registered have a minimal 100 online hours/month also a character progress or development

- Compliance with the rules of the game and the rules of the service (Facebook/Instagram)

- Respectful attitude to others in the game, on Astasoftlab's platform and channels partner

- Be Professional over the job without using any 3rd Party Program (ie. bots, gold sellers etc)

- Obliged to post a good review on Astasoftlab's Facebook Page

- Astasoftlab entitled to over every work implementation activities and to advise or instruction to ensure purpose employment or campaign

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