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Double Trouble (Offer)

Marketing Astasoftlab

Nov 12, 2023


In this epoch, we shall bestow upon thee more than thou canst negotiate! Why content with one when thou canst possess two! Keep a vigilant eye for Blackmarketeer Mammon as well, for he hath brought forth new wares!

By this period until 27 November 2023 Astasoftlab prepared "DOUBLE TROUBLE" for everyone!


Event Mechanism:

1. These event contain various item in Lineage 2 Essence

2. These items will appear at the Game Assistant feature and Special Craft feature on 13 November 2023

3. Please note that due to high load on delivery system, items may be delivered to the game with a delay

4. These items will be available for a Limited time until 27 November 2023

5. These items obtained using ingame items, L-coin, Giran Seal 

L-Coin Shop Limited Offer :

  • Added Pack Of Seals

  • Added Pa'agrio Treasure Chest

Special Craft :

  • Item crafting up to Amber Lv.6

  • Item crafting up to Opal Lv.6

  • Item crafting up to Coral Lv.6

  • Item crafting up to Onyx Lv.6

  • Item crafting up to Spinel Lv.6

  • Item crafting up to Zircon Lv.6

  • Item crafting up to Moonstone Lv.6

Game Assistant :

  • Book Of Light

  • Book Of Shadow

  • Crystal Of Light

  • Crystal Of Shadow

  • Spellbook Burning Field

  • Spellbook Frozen Field

  • Spellbook Lightning Storm

  • Spellbook Sword Symphony

  • Spellbook Intoxicating Dance

  • Spellbook Life Force Harmony

  • Spellbook Titanic Weapon

  • Spellbook Ogre Spirit Totem

  • Spellbook Rabbit Spirit Totem

  • Spellbook Puma Spirit Totem

  • Spellbook Burning Assault

Added Blackmarketeer of Mammon

Terms and Conditions:

- Items will be deleted from L-Coin Shop, Special Craft and Game Assistance on November 27th, 2023

- The deletion procedure is possible only after a maintenance of the servers. If for any reason the reboot is delayed, the deletion is automatically postponed until the day of the actual reboot, even if a different date is specified in the item/effect description

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