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Hardin's Secret (Offer)

Marketing Astasoftlab

Mar 20, 2023

Hardin's Secret
Event Period [20 March - 3 April 2023]

Deep inside the dragon invested valley, there lies the legendary necromancer who lived next to earth dragon Antharas

Pay a visit thou shall be or take yer eyes of it!

By this period until 3rd April 2023 Astasoftlab has prepared "Hardin's Secret!!" for everyone!

Event Mechanism:

1. These event contain various item in Lineage 2 Essence. They contain Books, Weapons, Armors which will allow you forget any trouble in battles with monsters in the early stages of the game.

2. These items will appear at the Special Craft, Game Assistant. Please note that due to high load on delivery system, items may be delivered to the game with a delay.

3. Spellbooks will appear at Special Craft meanwhile Armor and Weapon at the Game Assistant for a Limited time until 3rd April 2023

4. These items obtained using materials and adena

Hardin's Secret Books :

Master's Book: Might

Master's Book: Shield

Master's Book: Empower

Master's Book: Magic Barrier

Master's Book: Focus

Master's Book: Death Whisper

Master's Book: Wind's Walk

Master's Book: Haste

Master's Book: Acumen

Hardin's Secret Weapon:

Bow of Peril

Demon's Dagger

Samurai Long Sword*Samurai Long Sword

Bellion Cestus

Wizard's Tears

Art of Battle Axe

Deadsman Glory

Damascus Sword



Star Buster

Staff of Evil Spirits

Guardian's Swords


Hardin's Secret Robe Armors :

Blue Wolf Robe

-2pcs: INT-2, MEN-1, WIT+3, MP recovery bonus+ 5.26%

-3pcs: INT+1, Max MP+ 206

-4pcs: INT+1, Stun Resistance+ 30%

-5pcs: MEN+1

Doom Robe

-2pcs: INT+2, MEN+1, WIT-3, MP recovery rate+ 5.26%

-3pcs: WIT+1, Speed+ 7

-4pcs: WIT+1, Sleep/hold Resistance+ 50%, M.skill critical damage +30

-5pcs: WIT+1

Hardin's Secret Light Armors :

Blue Wolf Light

-2pcs: MEN+3, INT-2, MP recovery bonus+ 5.26%

-3pcs: INT+1, P.def+ 5.26%

-4pcs: INT+1, Stun Resistance+ 30%, Casting Speed+ 15%, M.def+ 44

Doom Light

-2pcs: DEX+1, MP recovery bonus+ 5.26%, P.atk+ 2.7%

-3pcs: DEX+1, Sleep/hold Resistance+ 50%

-4pcs: ,DEX+1, M.def +44

Hardin's Secret Heavy Armors :

Blue Wolf Heavy

-2pcs: STR+3, CON-1, DEX-2, HP recovery bonus+ 5.24%

-3pcs: DEX+1, Speed+ 7

-4pcs: CON+1, Stun Resistance+ 30%

-5pcs: DEX+1, M.def+ 44

Doom Heavy

-2pcs: STR-2, CON+3, Max HP+ 320

-3pcs: STR+1, Sleep/Hold Resistance+ 50%

-4pcs: STR+1, M.def+ 44

Hardin's Secret Sigils and Shield :

Blue Wolf Sigil

Doom Sigil

Doom Shield

Terms and Conditions:

- All Hardin's Secret Items will be deleted from Game assistance, Special Craft April 3, 2023

- The deletion procedure is possible only after a maintenance of the servers. If for any reason the reboot is delayed, the deletion is automatically postponed until the day of the actual reboot, even if a different date is specified in the item/effect description

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