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Maintenance March 6, 2023

Astasoftlab Administrator

Mar 5, 2023

Maintenance March 6, 2023

Tomorrow, from 08:00 to 10:00 UTC +8, the game servers will be unavailable

We kindly ask you to avoid shopping in the Astasoftlab store during this period

Events & Offers- Registration of »Community Partner Program batch 2« started (until March 31);

- Registration of »Streamer Partner Program batch 2« started (until March 31);

- Registration of »Marketing Affiliator Program« started (until March 31);

- The Event  »Maphr Forging Chamber« started (until March 20);

- Forum Event »Bard's Tales« Event Period Continues (until March 13);

- The Offer »B-for you!!« Ended;

- The Offer »Bargain! Bargain! Bargain!« Ended;

- The Event »Prove Your Worth!« Ended;

- Claim Reward Period of »Close Beta Event« Ended;


- Fix Heroes Classes World Announcement

- Fix Heroes Classes Monument of Heroes

- Fix PVP ranking

- Fix Random Craft AI

- Fix Enchanter Books on Book Trader

- Fix Website multi language

- Added Referral Box on Sign Up (Affiliator Program)

- Adjusted L-Coin items price on Shop below :

  • Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor (Exchangeable) from 1750 to 800

  • Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon (Exchangeable) from 5000 to 2500

- Removed all Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! item

- Removed all B-For You! items

- Added XP Scroll Exchange on Game Assistant - Buff Scroll

  • XP Scroll 10.000.000 item needed Low-Grade XP Scroll Ticket and 200.000 Adena

  • XP Scroll 50.000.000 item needed Mid-Grade XP Scroll Ticket and 1.000.000 Adena

  • XP Scroll 100.000.000 item needed High-Grade XP Scroll Ticket and 2.000.000 Adena

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