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Share and Get L-Coin (Social Media)

Marketing Astasoftlab

Dec 18, 2023


On this fresh dawn, in a novel year, embark upon a journey to tread upon a new realm. Thy patience hath been rewarded, and by God's grace, a momentous stride awaits thee to reclaim the esteemed mantle of grand ruler of worlds 


Event Mechanism :

1. Valid for all players

2. Possesing an Active Facebook account or an Active Instagram account

3. Like and share the Share and Get L-Coin event posted on Facebook or

4. Like and tag the Share and Get L-Coin event posted on Instagram

5. Mandatory to Follow and Like Astasoftlab page on Facebook or Instagram

6. Mandatory to set your Facebook or Instagram to Public

7. Write your ingame nick and server on the comment section of Facebook or Instagram

8. Each Facebook or Instagram account represent ONE ingame character 

Terms and Conditions:

- All Participants will get 2000 L-coin

- Post shared will be check by Astasoftlab to ensure validity

- Participant does not use 3rd party applications

- Have a good behavior either in game or in the forum

- Astasoftlab's decision is absolute and cannot be contested

- By participating you submit to all the Terms and conditions

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