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Klump's Fortune Slot (Event)

Marketing Astasoftlab

May 14, 2023

Klump's Fortune Slot
Event Period [15 May - 29 May 2023]

Klump's Fortune Slot

Event Period [15 May - 29 May 2023]

All Bets are up! Risk your wealth to gain more!

By this period until 29th May 2023 Astasoftlab has prepared a "Klump's Fortune Slot" for everyone!

Event Mechanism:

1. These event contain various item in Lineage 2 Essence. They contain Sayha's Blessing, Soulshot Ticket, Sayha's Gust and Jewels which will allow you forget any trouble in battles with monsters in the game.

2. These items will appear at the Special Craft on May 15th. Please note that due to high load on delivery system, items may be delivered to the game with a delay.

3. All items will appears in Special Craft for a Limited time until 29th May 2023

4. These items obtained using the item itself.

Klump's Fortune Slot

Sayha's Blessing:

-Sayha's Grace Points +35.000

Soulshot's Ticket:

-Can be exchange by the game assistance for soulshot/spiritshot

Sayha's Gust:

-Acquired XP 300%, Acquired SP 300%

Moonstone Lv.1:

-Acquired XP/Sp+3%

Amber Lv.1:

-Ignored CP deal 500 damage

Opal Lv.1:

-Pull/Stun/Fear/Paralyse/Silence resistance +3%

Coral Lv.1:

-Atk speed/Cast speed+1%

Onyx Lv.1:

-Soulshot/Spiritshot damage+2%

Spinel Lv.1:

-CON+1, Pdef+20, Mdef+10, Chance regenerate 12 mp during skill

Zircon Lv.1:

-P.critical/M.Skill critical damage +2%

Terms and Conditions:

- Items will be deleted from Special Craft on May 29, 2023

- The deletion procedure is possible only after a maintenance of the servers. If for any reason the reboot is delayed, the deletion is automatically postponed until the day of the actual reboot, even if a different date is specified in the item/effect description

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