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Meet The Four Kings (Forum)

Marketing Astasoftlab

Jan 7, 2024


All things in this realm art tethered to element. Fire, water, wind, and earth each hath its own kin. And amid those kindreds, there are four elemental beings that embody each elemental power

Event Mechanism:

1. No minimum level requirement for this events

2. Participants must post a thread on "Fan art, video, Screenshot" sub-forum

3. Thread must consist a Screenshot of your character and each of the Four Elemental Kings

4. Each Thread represent One Forum account and also One Game Account

5. Meet The Four Kings event are divided to 2 tiers and rewards ;

  • Meet One Elemental King - reward 1.000 L-Coin

  • Killing One Elemental King - reward 3.000 L-Coin

6. The reward valid for one tier only it doesn't apply for both tiers (ie. you can't claim for both Meeting and Killing of the same Elemental King)

7. Astasoftlab have the right to disqualify participants thread if found a breach of rules

8. All posted thread on this event are deemed as Astasoftlab property

9. Make sure your thread are readable and unique

Terms and Conditions:

- Participant does not use 3rd party applications

- Have a good behavior either in game or in the forum

- Astasoftlab's decision is absolute and cannot be contested

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