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Orc Fortress Festival (Social Media)

Marketing Astasoftlab

Feb 12, 2023

Orc Fortress Festival
Event Period [13 February 20.00 utc+8 - 14 February 2023 19.00 utc+8 ]
Winners Validation [14 February - 16 February 2023]
Claim Period [17 February - 19 February 2023]

Gather! Orc's has taken the western fortress! Reclaim the fortress to keep safe the people of Aden!, Astasoftlab has prepared a social media event "Orc Fortress festival" for all valid participants.

Event Mechanism:

1. Valid for all players with a minimum level 60, participants need to have more than 200 friends in facebook and 150 follower in instagram

2. Participants must post a Screenshot during Orc Fortress in their own Facebook or Instagram

3. This event are mandatory for a genuine and active Facebook and Instagram user

4. Mandatory to Follow and Like Astasoftlab page on Facebook and Instagram

5. Mention Astasoftlab page (Facebook and Instagram) also put hashtags of #OrcFortressFestival #RewriteHistory #Astasoftlab

6. Your post have to be setup in Public and easy to Share your post

7. After posting and tagging people you shared the post, immediately send the link of the post to this forum reply section

- Subject: "Event Name"

- Nickname:

- Class:

- Social Media :

8. Winner Validation is 14 February - 16 February 2023

9. Claim Period 17 February - 19 February 2023

10. Winner announce of this event will be announced on 16 February 2023

Terms and Conditions:

- Participants will get 1000 L-coin for each 15 friends tagged (accumulated)

- Tagged friends must have at least 150 Friendlist in facebook and 100 follower in instagram

- Tagged friends will be check by Astasoftlab to ensure validity of tags

- Participant does not use 3rd party applications

- Have a good behavior either in game or in the forum

- Astasoftlab's decision is absolute and cannot be contested

- By participating you submit to all the Terms and conditions

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